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T&E Pumps prides ourselves on providing a good quality product at the fairest possible price. We build a pump that considers the user, the industry and the environment. Born of the days of drip pans and spills, it has a sealing system that when properly maintained, will not leak. It can also be recycled.

T&E Outboard Pumps are all the same concept as our standard pumps, with the same great efficiency and superior sealing system.  The intention of these pumps is to provide extra life when experiencing a higher amount of solids that you typically see.  The external gear drive prevents the internal gears from touching thereby reducing wear on a part that has a high cost to replace.  These pumps must be ran with an oil lubrication system.  To see if an outboard pump is right for you please contact us and speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Outboard Pumps

2100 180° Outboard

4000 180° Outboard

4000R 90° Outboard

4100 180° Outboard

“Our mission is to Design & Manufacture pumps that consider the users, the industry and environment and to provide great service to our customers”


Call: 844 577 3825
Visit: 6566 Township Road 370

Consort, AB, Canada 


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