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T&E Pumps prides ourselves on providing a good quality product at the fairest possible price. We build a pump that considers the user, the industry and the environment. Born of the days of drip pans and spills, it has a sealing system that when properly maintained, will not leak. It can also be recycled.


Housing & Gear Parameters


The widths below are measured inside each gear pocket from the widest point on each side of the housing (see picture below).

  • If equipped with a T&E Oil Lubrication System (OL-001), the grease nipple closest to the packing nut (indicated by a black arrow above) should be greased once per week.

  • The T&E Oil Lubrication System requires the oil reservoir to be filled with 50 weight synthetic transmission oil and should be checked periodically to ensure that it has adequate fluid (watch how we do it on our YouTube® channel).

  • If hauling highly caustic fluids, we recommend flushing pump daily prior to letting it sit for several hours.

  • Freezing temperatures are hard on internal pump parts and can cause irreputable damage. Please drain your pump in cold temps.

NOTE: Leaking grease nipples should be replaced to reduce greasing frequency

Steel Gears

It is important to note that the tighter the clearance between the housing and the gear, the more efficient the pump will be. Gears are to be measured from the outside of the lobe to the outside of the opposing lobe.

*Maximum clearance between the housing and gears is .075”, please keep this in mind if you are experiencing suction loss.

NOTE: in our experience, we’ve used these above guidelines to maintain efficiency, but also allow our customers to run their pumps in the most cost-effective manner possible.

*ALSO IMPORTANT: The pumps suction comes from the gear to wearplate clearance. If suction is your problem, a shim in the back end of the pump should do the trick. We recommend that if you are taking the back end off, you replace seals & bearings if necessary. You should also have gaskets on hand as they don’t always separate & therefore will need to be replaced.


Regular Pumps – Greasing and Maintenance

The following are instructions for proper care of your T&E Pump. For your pump to operate at maximum efficiency and to ensure longevity please ensure the following:

Ensure pump is not run over the maximum recommended RPM, please see individual pump specifications for specific recommendations.

Pump should be greased according to the following chart:

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