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T&E Pumps prides ourselves on providing a good quality product at the fairest possible price. We build a pump that considers the user, the industry and the environment. Born of the days of drip pans and spills, it has a sealing system that when properly maintained, will not leak. It can also be recycled.

T&E Hose Tray
The T&E Hose Tray was specifically designed
with operators in mind.
Tired of your hose getting caught up on the edge of your tray?
Is it hard to unlock/ lock with gloves on?
Has it ever popped open giving you a bit of a surprise?
The T&E Hose tray was designed to combat all of these above issues while adding additional value and adjustability
with both 3" and 4" hose capabilities. 

“Our mission is to Design & Manufacture pumps that consider the users, the industry and environment and to provide great service to our customers”


Call: 844 577 3825
Visit: 6566 Township Road 370

Consort, AB, Canada 


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