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T&E Pumps prides ourselves on providing a good quality product at the fairest possible price. We build a pump that considers the user, the industry and the environment. Born of the days of drip pans and spills, it has a sealing system that when properly maintained, will not leak. It can also be recycled.


4000R 90° Standard

4000R (90°) Series Pump Features:

  • small body right angle T&E cast housing with 4” inlet & outlet

  • available with optional nitrided housing, Teflon seals, outboard gear case assembly, or direct drive hydraulic motor mount

  • 4” steel weld flanges

  • 7.5” helical-cut, nitrided steel gears

  • requires a minimum 3” hose & fitting

Part Numbers:

  • 114RW – 4” T&E 90° cast housing/steel gears/bushing caps/black gaskets

  • 114RWNT – 4” T&E 90° nitrided housing/steel gears/bushing caps/Teflon seals/blue gaskets

  • 114RWD – 4” T&E 90° with direct drive hydraulic motor mount

  • 114RW-OBF – 4” T&E 90° with outboard gear case assembly

Horsepower Requirements:

  • Hydraulic Motor 30-40hp109 Series recommended

  • Electric Motor 15-20hp with 440 VFD

Recommended Operating Procedures:

  • Maximum Temp: 212°F (regular seals)

  • Maximum RPM: 750 RPM at the pump

  • Maximum Pressure: 125 PS

Note: pump pressure is maximum safe operating pressure, not the maximum pressure the pump will produce

Phone: 1-844-577-3825

6566 Township Road 370
Consort, AB, Canada T0C1B0

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