Were you notified that your T&E pump could always be rebuilt? Call us @ 403-577-3825 for information about our free shipping program for customers only!
Were you notified that your T&E pump has a core value? Many Components of your pump are reusable!
Were you satisfied with the customer service that you were provided?
Were you satisfied with the price compared to value/efficiency of our product?
Were you provided with contact information for the nearest rebuilding facility?


All pumps subject for warranty must be approved by T&E Pumps Ltd.

A qualified T&E technician from our Consort or Bonnyville Branch must inspect all warranty pumps.

All pumps must be complete! Any pumps that have been disassembled prior to warranty inspection will not be eligible for warranty.

This warranty card must be filled out and returned for any warranty claims to be considered.

Warranty registrations are to be completed by the final pump purchaser.

Once you have this complete, you can click “send” which will email it directly to us


Print this form, complete and fax it to us at 403-577-3813


Mail to: T&E Pumps Ltd.   

Box 460

     Consort, AB

T0C 1B0