Listed below are some of the more common questions or comments we receive along with some possible resolutions:


  • Gears might not have been timed after rebuilding it

  • Check valves to see if they’re functioning properly

  • Driveshaft out of line (yokes in line, u-joints timed when taking apart);

  • Might have broken shafts.



  • Gaskets need to be adjusted.



  • Hose might be collapsed (not always visible from outside and new hoses can collapse);

  • Check your valves;

  • Could be your gears.



  • Your pump might be frozen;

  • Valves might be closed or damaged;

  • Bypass might be open;

  • If pump shaft isn’t turning it could be a shear assembly or a key;

  • There might be a rag or something in your pump or plumbing.



  • You might have left your pump in gear during transit;

  • Your input will run warm during the initial break in period.