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Standard Pumps

T&E Pumps manufactures the highest quality of Positive Displacement Fluid Pumps.  Designed with oil hauling in mind, our pumps can also be used for moving numerous types of other fluids. Use the "Pumps & Care" drop down menu to find out about each of our product lines. For additional information please call us toll free, we look forward to hearing from you. We install, sell and service direct!


2100 Series


Our 2" series pump is ideal on hot oilers, in facilities or on tank trucks.  It features a 2" Inlet & Outlet at 180°.  Customizations are available.


4100 Series


Our 4100 series pump has a 4-1/2" Inlet & Outlet at 180°.  It features the same reliability and efficiency as the 4000 series pumps but with higher flow rates. Customizations are available.


4000 Series


Our 4000 series pump is our original pump.  It has a 4" Inlet & Outlet at 180° to each other and features 6" Nitrided Steel Gears & Bushing Caps.  There are a number of customizations available for this pump.  


4100R (90°)Series


The 4100 90° is a high volume pump with the same efficiency & reliability you would expect from all T&E Pumps.  This pump has a5" Inlet & Outlet at 90°. 


4000R (90°) Series


The 4000R is an alternative to the 4000 series pump.  It also has a 4" Inlet & Outlet but they are at 90° to each other allowing for modified plumbing configurations.  Customizations are available for different fluids.

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