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Pump Care, Parameters & Info

T&E Pumps were designed to be repaired for increased longevity, efficiency & cost savings.  As with anything, proper care & maintenance are very important.  Linked below are simple care instructions as well as directions on how to properly measure high wear parts. Pump repair is very important to us and we want to make it easy for you. Our parts are always in stock and ready to ship!  Take advantage of our highly specialized, in house repair team by bringing your pump to us. Can't make it to our shop, we offer a rebuild program. We also have instructional videos on our YouTube channel to assist you in repairing your pump yourself, saving you time & money.

Basic Pump Info

T&E Pumps are primarily designed for use in the oil patch, for fluid transfer trucks and in facilities, but are suitable for use in many other industries where fluid needs to be moved.  Listed below is some basic pump information:

  • Pumps should be run at a maximum of 750 RPM (at the pump) unless otherwise stated. 

  • NOTE: Optimal flow most often is at 700 RPM

  • Maximum temp of fluid should be 212°F

  • Maximum operating pressure is 125PSI, note that this is safe operating pressure not the maximum pressure the pump will produce

Flow Chart LPM- March 2022.png
Flow Chart GPM March 2022.png
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