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T&E Facility Pump System
The T&E Facility Pump System's are custom designed and prefabricated units that arrive on site ready for installation. We work closely with our clients to ensure the correct selection of components and design criteria to ensure proper fitment the first time. Our Facility Pump Systems are implemented primarily in oil facilities and used for;
- Transfer Pumps,
- Recycling/ Recirculation pumps for skimming processes,
- Centrifuge feeding, etc.
Our customers report our systems are cheaper to implement, cheaper to maintain with included oiler system, and capable of pumping against 70psi.   
Facility Pump, T&E Pumps
Systems are VFD compatible and available in 2", 4", and 5" configurations. 

2" (2100 Series) 19-70 m3/hr
4" (4000 Series) 25-90 m3/hr
5" (4100 Series) 90-120 m3/hr

Fixed rates are available. 
T&E Skid Pump System
Dragon Skid, Skid System, T&E Pumps
Similar to our Facility Pump Systems the T&E Skid Pump System's are designed and built as preassembled units ready for implementation. Typically these systems are used in belly toolboxes or on trailer units. Alternatively these can be retrofitted in a similar manner as a Facility Pump System when appropriately matched with the correct drive system.
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